Welcome to BNWPS

Welcome to Brunswick North West Primary School; the school on the hill shining out like a star.  Brunswick North West Primary is a community of diverse individuals, brought together by society’s most inspiring treasures - children.

Our students are at the centre of everything we do and achieving a vision of a curious, compassionate and creative community is the focus of each decision we make. We believe that academic achievement should be intertwined with social-emotional learning and we have an unrelenting passion for helping young people achieve their own version of success.

We appreciate the level of trust families place in schools to assist in raising their children and recognise the importance of aligned values and solid partnerships between home and school. Our school values are Respect, Connectedness, Resilience, Achievement, Creativity, Integrity, Responsibility and Equity, which we are proud to say, combine to create a sense of belonging for each of our community members. This sense of community and belonging is of the utmost importance to us and is evident in many of our approaches, practices and environment.

At Brunswick North West, we aim for small class sizes, with ‘traditionally flexible’ classroom communities. This supports the development of close connections between class members, where teachers know their students; their strengths, challenges and most importantly - what makes them tick!

The primary school experience should be rich with fun, interest, curiosity and engagement for every child. We are passionate about inclusive education for all; recognising both the importance and universal benefit of individualised and differentiated learning programs and support. At Brunswick North West, we celebrate difference in all our community members - students, staff and families. Through exploring, sharing and respecting each other's differences, we grow, learn and discover more about the world and ourselves.

We know that learning does not just happen in the classroom and strive towards creating varied and engaging learning experiences throughout every part of the day. School is a social place and provides a great opportunity to learn to get along with those around you. Raising happy, resilient young people is a state priority and we believe that introducing measured risk helps children learn to navigate the world around them in an empowered and safe way. We use Restorative Practices as our approach to conflict resolution, guiding individuals to recognise damaged relationships and to rebuild through acts of kindness.

Our expansive grounds, including our native wetlands (‘Yakai Baring’ or ‘Surprise Track’), is a natural gem within inner city Melbourne and provides our community with opportunities to actively interact with our natural environment, learn firsthand about ecosystems, develop a sense of environmental responsibility and best of all - play, build and get dirty! We encourage children to play with sticks, build cubbies, dig in the dirt and work together to achieve unimaginable feats during their lunch breaks.

Our parents and carers are invited to join the community in volunteering in the classroom, on School Council or its sub-committees, fundraising and events coordination, assisting to maintain our incredible natural playground or sharing their passion and expertise in their own way. Each morning our canteen-cafe, Sprout, is filled with families socialising while enjoying an espresso coffee and delicious homemade treats, while parent groups and school events help fill the social calendar.

Whether you are exploring our school online, coming along for a tour, or you already enjoy the rich community life of our school, I welcome you to Brunswick North West Primary School.

Hannah Reid