Brunswick North West primary School opened in September 1929 with just over 500 students. The total capacity of the school was stated as 800 children. The school was originally established as a training school with multi-age classrooms where trainee teachers could develop their skills before being posted to small rural schools. There was a creek running along the northern boundary, and past students visiting the school recently have told stories of finding tadpoles and getting wet shoes and socks during lunchtime and recess in years gone past. The school motto, ‘Deeds not words’ was adopted early in the school’s history, and it is still referred to by all children when we sing our school song at our community assembly every Friday afternoon.

There has been a strong history of parent involvement in Brunswick North West Primary from the earliest days. There was early support from the mothers group to purchase a ‘wireless’ and ‘gramophone’ in 1936. This has continued through to recent days where parents organise our fabulous Winter Magic Market and a range of other fundraising and school social activities. As early as the 1940’s, environmental learning activities were being organised for children with visits to local wetlands and involvement in the Gould League. The school expanded throughout the 1950’s and 60’s and saw a number of local primary and secondary school take up residence in portable buildings as their school facilities were developed or renovated.

The 1980’s and 90’s saw a declining population of students as the demographic of the local Brunswick area changed with an aging population. The school was twice faced with closure, but was saved by the work and support of parents and dedicated staff. Today, Brunswick North West Primary School has a student population over 350. It is a vibrant community of children, parents and staff who value their connectedness to each other, the importance of academic learning and personal development and the commitment to ensuring our lifestyle is sustainable.

The school is passionate about ensuring that each generation of children has the opportunity to develop to the fullest of their potential, as members of our school community, as residents of our local area, as Australians and as a unique member of the human race.