School Documents

School Documentation
BNWPS 2019 AIP Summary
BNWPS 2019 Emergency Management
BNWPS School Strategic Plan 2017-2020


Annual Reports

BNW Education Committee Annual Report - 2019  

BNW Finance Committee Annual Report - 2019 

BNW Buildings & Grounds Annual Report - 2019  

BNW OSHC - Presentation - 2019  

BNW OSHC Annual Report - 2019  

BNW Principal’s Annual Report - 2019

BNW Community Events Team Annual Report - 2019 

BNW Annual Report - CET 2019  

BNW Annual Report - 2020 (This is published annually in term 2 of the following year)

BNW Education Committee Annual Report - 2020

BNW School Council President’s Annual Report - 2019

Student Wellbeing

BNWPS Anaphylaxis Policy
BNWPS Asthma Policy
BNWPS Attendance Policy
BNWPS Bullying Prevention Policy
BNWPS First Aid Policy (coming soon)
BNWPS Headlice Policy
BNWPS Inclusion & Diversity Policy (coming soon)
BNWPS Koori Education Policy (coming soon)
BNWPS Personal Mobile Device Policy
BNWPS Photographing, Filming & Recording Students Policy (coming soon)
BNWPS Student Engagement & Wellbeing Policy
BNWPS Student Restraint Policy (coming soon)
BNWPS Students with a Disability Policy
BNWPS Sunsmart Policy
BNWPS Yard Duty & Supervision Policy (coming soon)
Developmental Management - Background to BNWPS Student Management Approach
The natural laws governing stick play at BNWPS
Child Safe Documentation
BNWPS Child Safety Code of Conduct
BNWPS Child Safety Policy
BNWPS Child Safety Reporting Obligations
BNWPS Mandatory Reporting Policy
BNWPS Statement of Commitment to Child Safety Standards
BNWPS Suitability for Employment Policy

Teaching and Learning

BNWPS Homework Policy
BNWPS Information Communication & Technology Policy
BNWPS Teaching & Learning Handbook
BNWPS Collection Statement
School Community
2019 School Council membership 
2019 Sprout Canteen Menu Term 4
2019 Sprout Canteen Parent & Carer Information
BNWPS School Calendar
BNWPS School Council & SC Subcommittees
BNWPS Visitors to School Policy
BNWPS Volunteers Policy
Map of Brunswick North West Primary School

School Organisation
BNWPS Camps & Excursions Policy
BNWPS Class Formation Policy
BNWPS Communication & Complaints Policy
BNWPS Communication & Complaint Flowchart
BNWPS Communication with School Staff Policy
BNWPS Personal Property Policy (coming soon)
BNWPS Public Domain Policy
DET Enrolment Policy
DET School's Privacy Policy

School Finances
BNWPS Cash Handling Policy (coming soon)
BNWPS Electronic Funds Management Policy (coming soon)
BNWPS Fundraising Policy (coming soon)
BNWPS Parent Payment Policy (coming soon)
BNWPS School Purchasing Card Policy