Sub Committees

The work of School Council is undertaken by the subcommittee meetings which occur regularly in the calendar life of the school. Parent volunteers work within the subcommittee structure to support the school and the learning experience of all children. The subcommittees produce minutes about the work they are engaged with in their particular area of school operations. These are reported to School Council. The subcommittee also give a report about their achievements at the Annual General Meeting.

Education Committee 
This group of parents and teachers manage the process of creating and reviewing policies which guide the work of the school and respond to government requirements and initiatives. Education committee provides a means of informing the school community about the schools approach and structure to teaching and learning.

Finance Committee
This committee oversees the management of school finances and ensures there is good governance and responsible administration of the financial resources of the school. This committee organises the operational budget of the school, monitors revenue and expenditure and manages the resources available via government funding, parent contributions, grants, fundraising and school operations such as OSHC and Sprout.

Community Events Team
The CET group support the life of the school by organising fundraising and social events. CET supports the ongoing work of improving the school experience of children and families through fundraising activities. The team also provides the school community with opportunities to meet socially and enjoy the company of other parents.

Sprout Committee
This committee works in support of the canteen coordinator, workers and volunteers who are involved in this operation. The committee assists with equipment and facilities development, menu management, personnel organisation, compliance obligations and the promotion of Sprout as a focal point of our school community.

Buildings and Grounds Committee
This group of volunteers manages maintenance of buildings and grounds works. It manages a prioritised jobs list of works and projects aimed at maintaining a safe, enjoyable and pleasing environment for children and families. The organisation of working bees is a major function along with coordinating the assistance of volunteers in support of garden work and maintenance and repair works.

Outside School Hours Care Committee
The OSHC committee oversees the operation of the Outside School Hours Care program. It supports the program coordinator and OSHC administration office in the organisation of staff, resources and program details. The committee manages the compliance requirements of OSHC operation and receives reports concerning attendance, finance and regulatory matters.

Junior School Council
JSC is the most important of our School Council subcommittees. Student representatives from each classroom group are elected by their peers to meet and discuss issues and ideas relevant to the children’s life at school. Through the JSC meetings and their reports to School Council, children have input into the daily organisation and planning for our school community and environment.

Parents wanting to be involved in any of these School Council subcommittees can contact the Principal via the office for further information. Willing workers and smiling faces always welcome!