Sprout Canteen & Cafe

Our café/canteen is named Sprout. It gives children, parents and staff the opportunity to buy nutritious snacks and lunchtime meals from a menu that changes to suit the seasons across the year. The coordinators and volunteers, who operate Sprout, believe that food is an important part of the primary school world. Children need good healthy food to ensure their bodies and minds are well fuelled and ready for big days of learning and play.

Kitchens and the preparation of food have a natural homeliness which is in keeping with the world of children. Sprout is a warm and caring place where children can find an enjoyable healthy treat during break times, along with a friendly greeting and a warm smile. Sprout is also the parent hub of our school. Most days you will find a large group of parents who gather together to enjoy a morning coffee or a quick bite to eat. Our school has a strong belief in the value of parents being involved in the life of our school.

Community is important, and having an area of the school when parents can meet socially and enjoy a coffee supports the creation of friendship and connectedness across the school. Visitors are welcome to come in the mornings and enjoy the conviviality of Sprout after our brief assembly at the start of each day. Sprout also plays an important role during our wonderful yearly Winter Magic Market and other major community and fundraising events.

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