Community Events Team

The Community Events Team at Brunswick North West Primary School plays an important role in supporting both the ongoing learning program for children, and the social and community life of our school. Our school is very fortunate to have a hardworking, dedicated core of parents who work tirelessly to improve the school experience for all children and parents. Our school calendar sets out a range of activities over the year aimed at organising fundraising events and social activities for the school community.

​Some of these activities are intended to give parents and children the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company, and to build the sense of community which underpins the life of our school. Others events are planned fundraising activities which provide additional funding for school operations and the funding of resources for children in their learning. There is an enormous amount of energy and enthusiasm generated by the Community Events Team, which adds greatly to the school experience for all children and parents concerned.

The team relies on the assistance of parents from across the school to enable the social or fundraising events to be successful. Our school looks to all families to make a contribution of time and effort in some way across the year to support the wonderful work of this team. The Community Events Team organise Winter Magic Market which is the school’s major fundraiser and community event each year. Contact can be made with representatives of the Community Events Team through the front office of the school.