School Grounds

Brunswick North West Primary School is very fortunate to have extensive areas of open land, treed reserves and formal and natural garden areas. Our children relish their time spent at recess and lunchtime playing in the natural environment of our grounds. The bush land area provides many quiet spaces where children play cooperatively with friends to build a little creative world of their own. Using their imagination and the naturally occurring supply of sticks, rocks and dirt, children conjure up a shopping centre, space station, or an entire city depending on the games being played and the direction their creativity takes them.

Other children use sticks and logs to build extensive cubbies of fantastic architectural design. The value of these activities in developing cooperative and manipulative skills is enormous. Our grassed play area provides students with space for football, cricket and soccer games. Our school grounds promote an active lifestyle for students with traditional and modern play equipment and ample area for running and sporting activities. Our grounds also enable the school community to support an extensive area of vegetable garden which is used for the environmental program operating for all students. These gardens also supply Sprout, our café/canteen, with vegetable and herbs for use in the health menu offered throughout the year. The forested area of the school provides a pleasant background for everyday school activity where children can enjoy the shade of the trees, hand pick some produce from our garden or orchard and help with the daily chores looking after our chooks.

Our school grounds provide a wonderful environment for creative play, in a natural setting. We cannot guarantee your children will come home clean every day. However, you can be assured they have enjoyed a wonderful time exploring the textures and sensations of a natural environment in the middle of suburban Brunswick. We now share our school grounds with Brunswick Montessori Children’s House which operates a kindergarten program in new facilities at the rear of our school.