School Review

School Review 2020

The Department of Education (DET) conducts reviews of schools every 4-5 years. This rigorous process is conducted by the Victorian Registration & Qualifications Authority (VRQA) and the evaluation is completed with support from a DET appointed external reviewer. The school review supports each school to differentiate its improvement journey by building on current strengths and assisting it to respond to challenges. It emphasises continuous improvement and affirms that every student, no matter their background or circumstances, has a right to learn in a school committed to improvement. It maintains that every school can improve.  

The review:

  • welcomes school community participation in the review
  • embraces the input of experts from both within and beyond the school
  • forges links between evidence, school review, and strategic and annual planning
  • seeks multiple perspectives, engagement with the whole school community and openness to challenge for improvement
  • celebrates strengths and achievements.

The result of this is the development of the School Strategic Plan (SSP).

This page of our website will be dedicated to the sharing of information about our school which I hope will help inform the consultation process to take place over Term 1 of 2020 and leading into our Review in Term 2 of 2020. Through this page you will be able to access a range of documents including:

  • Reports related to the school’s academic achievement
  • Reports detailing the results of surveys of key stake holders including students, parents and teachers
  • School policy documents which are also looked at as part of the Review.

If you have any questions about this process please feel free to contact me via the School Office.