AUGUST-DECEMBER 2019: Update 3

Over the holiday break, the planning group reviewed five different designs that were early representations of different directions our school could take in the development of our 5-year master plan. From the five plans, two were identified by the group for further developments.

Within each of the plans, it is easy to get excited by imagining the future! The architects are considering the paths of travel taken by students, families and classes during different forms of activity and at different times of the day. We are looking at new learning spaces (indoor and out) to meet the educational needs of our students and take full advantage of our school grounds. We are not just building new, we are also improving what we already have with works happening in our main building in all the designs presented so far. And perhaps most excitingly, I can announce that our external student toilet block will be demolished as a top priority! It is important to remember, however, that the master planning phase is considering a 5-year masterplan and will include projects that we cannot afford to complete in this round of funding.

There are many similarities in many of the plans; we all agree that we need more classes, a gym and to get rid of the toilets. But it’s the variations that will help us identify the winning plan. Some of the variations in the designs are exploring:

  • Where STELLA should be (attached to the main building on the basketball court or in the SW corner - Wales x Culloden);
  • The location  of the library in relation to the street;
  • What happens to the MPR building (leave it as is or refurbish as classrooms);
  • What impacts are there on our yard (especially mature trees);
  • Whether we should move the productive garden;
  • Where do morning and Friday assemblies occur;
  • Whether we should move Sprout;
  • What options provide the best DDA access for our school community now, and into the future.

As we know the importance of consultation, these designs have been discussed with the students through JSC, a staff representation group and school council for feedback. If you have any questions or comments about this build, please don’t hesitate to contact the office or school council.