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Q: Can Emergency Contacts sign in/out through Xplor app? 


A: No, Emergency contacts cannot sign in/out your children through the app. You will need to send a code to them via Hub Guests (i.e. relative or music teacher):

  1. Go to Account tab
  2. Click on Hub Guests
  3. Click “ + ” on the top right on the screen
  4. Click Next
  5. Type their contact details, e.g. email, name and address
  6. Click on Send Invite


Your contact person will receive an email with the code and they will use it for sign in/out.

For more information please click here:




If your emergency contact is one of the service’ s parents, you will need to use a different email from their Xplor account – otherwise it won’t work.

If they cannot provide a second email address, please send an email to oshc.brunswick.nw.ps@education.vic.gov.au or txt on 04 78 836 264 and specify who is collecting your child/ren. One of our OSHC team will sign out your child/ren for you.

This is only if your emergency contact has already an account with us.



Q: Can both parents with the same Xplor account access to Xplor App?


A: Yes, both parents, on the same account, can have access to the app with different emails.

If your partner hasn’t set up their password, please send us an email with their email address and they will be guided on how to set up their app.



Q: Can both parents have access to their finance account on the app?


A: No, only parent 1 can have access to the finance account on their app and make payments.

If you struggle to access the finance tab in your app, please contact us.


Q: How can I change my permanent bookings:

A: If you need to make any changes in your bookings, you will need to send us an email to oshc.brunswick.nw.ps@education.vic.gov.au with your request, as Xplor will not allow you to make any changes in your bookings.



Q: How can I claim my CCS (Child Care Subsidy)?


A: To claim your CCS you must

  1. Sign your Complying Written Agreement (CWA) on your XPLOR HOME app: go to accounts/finance 
  2. Confirm your enrolment with BNW OSHC through your Centrelink app/account



If your child hasn’t attended for the last 12 months, Centrelink will automatically cease your enrolment.


Q: What is the Learning Feature on the Xplor Home app?



A: Home Xplor app will allow us to share learning observations of your child through the app.

You will get a notification every time we publish a learning observation and you will be able to comment on the feed, you may even want to share some of your child’s interests or make suggestions for us. For example, an activity that you think that your child would like to do at OSHC as an extension of their learning.

Lastly, you can also share some of your child’s experience at home with us using a photo or video, by Xplor Home app:

  1. Go to ‘Learning’ tab, on the left bottom
  2. Click on the double ‘cameras’ on the left top and choose photos or videos you would like to share
  3. Write a comment or your experience in the Caption box and then click on ‘the send icon’ on the right top


Q: How can I enrol my second child to OSHC?


A: To enrol your second child you will need to click enrol on the following link using your same email for your Xplor account  The system will automatically recognise your account and merge all your children together: