JUNE-JULY 2019: Update 1

As I mentioned in last week’s newsletter, during this year’s State Budget announcement, our school was given $623,000. This is one-tenth of the initial funding announcement and has been tagged for the planning stage of a bigger project. Throughout the next 40 weeks or so, we will be busy consulting with various stakeholders to consider the current and future needs of the school and the community, interviewing architects, costing our dreams and making plans that are so incredibly inspiring that everyone will be throwing money at us!

As the Department has funded many schools, there are strict timelines that we must adhere to with the first phase of the planning due in 5 weeks’ time. In next week’s newsletter we will be seeking information from the community about various elements of our school - identifying the biggest and most urgent priorities. Throughout the rest of the term we will be seeking similar information from students, staff and our closest neighbours. Once this information is collated, we will start the second phase of the project where our priorities will be presented to members of the Victorian Schools Building Authority (VSBA), who will then determine realistic and effective actions to improve our school environment in order to positively impact student outcomes of education, resilience and good health. 

If you have questions at any stage, please do not hesitate to contact the school as your questions will likely be something other people are wondering about as well.