JUNE-JULY 2019: Update 4

Thank you, everyone, for completing yet another survey for our school, when sharing your thoughts and opinions with the VFM/Capital Works survey. By the closing time we had 153 responses, which is a fantastic hit rate - thank you! The information gathered from students, families, staff and school council has been used to help define a vision for our school’s potential future of amenities and infrastructure. The first phase of this process has almost been completed but before we start the master planning with our architects, we need to find architects!

This week three architecture firms visited the school, along with representatives of the VSBA. Each firm met with myself and two members of the school community to discuss the funding campaign, the school’s needs and the possibilities for our futures. These architects are currently designing a brief presentation to share at an interview in order to help us identify which firm will be best suited to our school and our dreams. These interviews are set to occur in August and I will be sure to communicate how they go.