JUNE-JULY 2019: Update 5

A quick update on our building works process:

  1. If you have been keeping track of our progress, you will likely remember the survey I invited all community members to complete and held student workshops to inform where our school vision was heading and what we deem as being most urgent. This information was used to complete our AMP-1, which has been finalised and submitted to the three architecture firms tendering for the project. I School Council for assisting with this application and endorsement process, especially given a tight timeline. For any members of the community interested in reading the document, here is the link
  2. This document has been provided to the tenderers, who will consider this along with their visit to the school earlier in the term as well as the strategic infrastructure needs statement that was emailed after their visit. This information is used to put together a proposal, which they will talk to next week when I will be interviewing the three firms, in order to make a decision about moving forward. I am seeking student input to questions and have again received support from school council and buildings & grounds, for which I am very grateful. I will, of course, keep you up-to-date on any progress, but if you have any questions along the way, please let me know - your questions are generally shared by more than one person within the community!
Hannah Reid