JUNE-JULY 2019: Update 6


Over the past 2-3 weeks we have made exciting progress on the Capital Works front. After a number of briefings and interviews, a panel of representatives from the school, VSBA and the Department unanimously agreed on an architecture firm to partner with us throughout this project. Content Studio is a local firm with a philosophy similar to ours. Content Studio were selected for many reasons including but not limited to their experience, their committed and passionate team and their understanding of the importance of our yard and our community.

Over the next 6-8 weeks, members of Content Studio will be working within the school to fully understand the ‘canvas’ that is our beautiful school. Engineers and landscape architects will be brought in to survey the buildings, land, existing services and access points; our existing school plans will be analysed and amended and we will start to compare our current state of being to our vision for the future. The intention of this is to develop a comprehensive master plan for our school; covering all the wishes and hopes of our school community (well most of them - the swimming pool of chocolate milk may not make the cut… sorry kids). 

This master plan will extend well beyond the scope of work possible with a $6.23million budget and will include areas of the school that are not currently considered a priority for the funding. At first this might seem to be a bit disappointing, but I am quite excited by this process. A detailed master plan that encompasses buildings and grounds will support our future school improvement developments. As with the master plan developed by the school council, we will use this plan to inform future funding applications and local funding targets.