AUGUST-DECEMBER 2019: Update 1

At this week’s school council meeting, our lead architect - Mat Foley of Content Studio was a special guest. Mat spoke with members of the School Council and some members of Buildings & Grounds about the needs of our school, last year’s funding campaign as well as the expected timeline of this process. There was discussion about some of the areas our school community feel most passionate about including but not limited to our amazing outdoor spaces and nature play, Sprout as well the decision to maintain more traditional classroom environments.

A main point of discussion was the idea of prioritisation; Content Studio have been employed to develop a whole-school master-plan that meets the needs of the current community as well as future enrolments. We will be planning for a potential enrolment of 475 (with our current enrolment number being 429), which will mean more classrooms as well as more resource-heavy spaces such as a gym, science space, library, etc. The funding pledge of $6.23million will make an incredible difference to our school facilities and grounds, however we know that it will not cover everything we want to achieve. Part of this process will be to identify which elements of the master-plan will provide the school with the most immediate value and which elements can be delayed, which elements we can attract grant funds for and which elements we are best off self-funding.

We know that consultation is a vital part of the success of this process, which is why we began with the survey many of your completed last term. Now Mat has met with the School Council, he is intending to meet with staff and JSC early next term. We will continue to communicate with the community about this process, seeking information about vision and use where possible. Including now!

We want to know - what (if anything) is stopping your child and/or your family from using active forms of transport (walk, bike, scooter, tram) to come to school? Please let us know in any way you can - send the school an email, talk to me in the yard, tell your child’s classroom teacher or even just talk to your kids about it as we will be discussing this at JSC!

In next week’s newsletter I will be outlining the expected timeline, highlighting some important stages including an opportunity for community members to meet Mat during an afternoon presentation at Sprout. If you have any questions in the meantime, I recommend seeking out School Council members as they will have further information for you.