AUGUST-DECEMBER 2019: Update 2

As expected, we are under-entitled in almost every area of our school; with the biggest gaps being in classrooms, administration and some resource-intensive spaces (such as gym and library). Overall we are under-entitled by about 33% of our built spaces. In some areas we appear to be over-entitled, as we are using spaces for more than one purpose (for example, if the space we currently use as a music room was actually a music room, would be too large!) This will not be hard to manage, however, we need to be aware that in creating purpose-built spaces, we will free up spaces for other usages. In one area we are actually over-entitled - portables. Discussions have been about removing the oldest portable (currently BM & LF) and moving the other portables to create better learning spaces.

With classrooms/learning spaces being a big priority, there were discussions around whether it should be a standalone building with classrooms or an extension on an existing building. Discussions are also covering the need for a STELLA space, as it had a political price tag attached to it. This is no issue, as the elements to STELLA are an important part of our school’s vision and we get to decide where it is positioned and what is included.

During the holiday break, the planning group will be meeting to review 3-5 different plans for further consultation. I will share important elements from these plans with you in Term 4!