AUGUST-DECEMBER 2019: Update 4

After the planning group met and considered the feedback from the different stakeholders during consultation, we identified one plan as the best match for our school, community and future directions. At this stage we do not have images that I am allowed to share with the school community, however I will endeavour to share with you some essential elements of the design that has been approved for full development to our 5-year masterplan. Again, please remember that the list below informs a long-term vision and covers a scope larger than we will be able to afford with the current funding.

  • We will revamp of front entrance to the main building, creating a more functional and inviting space for everyone;
  • At this stage, our architects are still exploring how to make the main building more accessible for all community members;
  • We will consolidate the administration areas to downstairs and improve the functionality of the classrooms upstairs;
  • We will improve the existing student facilities in the main building and install more staff facilities in the main building, which have been a major OHS concern for us for some time now;
  • Development of undercover area to support larger school population;
  • The STELLA building will be located on the Culloden x Wales corner. Two storeys with a library, gallery/maker space and two science/wet rooms on the ground floor and four classrooms, a common area and student toilets on the first floor. The first floor will be level with the landing that extends from the back of the art room, creating an Arts Precinct area;
  • The STELLA building will face the fenceline, therefore it’s important that there is careful consideration of the frontage of this building and how that will appear to our neighbours;
  • The outside toilet block will be removed;
  • Our portables will be reviewed to create a community of treetop portables from the basketball court;
  • A gym in the NW corner of the oval, near the kinder;
  • We will develop the levels of the yard in order to create natural, yet purposeful levels that encourage appropriate foot traffic (without metal railings) and water channels;
  • We have options with Sprout. Currently we are ‘moving’ Sprout purely for costing purposes - this allows us the flexibility to decide if/when the school community wants to move Sprout in the future. If we do amalgamate Sprout with OSHC, there is potential to create a Melbourne-alley-style cafe area for our community.

The next stage of our process is to cost individual parts (or ’projects’) of the overall masterplan and try to determine which ‘projects’ we will be able to achieve with the current funding, which projects will need to wait for future Capital Works funding, and which projects we can self-fund or seek grants for.