AUGUST-DECEMBER 2019: Update 5

A quick building update this week, to let you know about the cost analysis, consultation and prioritising of projects that has occured over the past few weeks. This has been quite the learning journey, as we find out more about the early stages of costing large builds and risk mitigation. 

Identifying the priority projects requires the planning group to consider the spatial needs of the school, a hierarchy of urgency for capital works in schools, OHS needs and the available funds. After significant consideration and consultation, the following projects are prioritised. 

  • Completing urgent works in our main building, including upgrading services, refurbishing all windows so they function and some aesthetic works;
  • Upgrading student and staff toilet facilities throughout the school, including removing the outside toilet block;
  • Building STELLA, including STEM labs, a purpose built library and classrooms.

I know this doesn’t seem like much for $6.23 million, but there are multiple smaller elements to each of these bigger projects. Please know, we all agree that all the projects in our masterplan are priorities and projects we want completed as soon as possible. Given the various factors that had to be considered and the budget currently available, projects from the masterplan that are not listed above are still part of our vision, but will not be completed as part of the current funding allocation.